Original Size
Current Size
Card format
Zoom factor
Magic Wand, AutoSize Image within area, uncovered area will be black on card
within area
Magic Wand, AutoSize Image with overlap you can adjust your picture with the direction buttons to show the best detail
plus overlap
Center Image Center Move to Left Left Move to Right Right Move Up Up Move Down Down
Zoom in, grow size of image Zoom out, shrink size of image
Big zoom
Zoom in, small steps Zoom out, small steps
Small zoom
Reset everything to default
Upload your own photo or picture
Here you can upload your picture from your PC, Tablet or CellPhone to be used in your card. We already loaded a demo picture to play around with.

You have to keep the photo within the red square this is the exact format that we use on Original Cards. There are several tools to make life easy like the two Magic Wand tools to position your photo automagically.

The upper Magic Wand will place the complete image within the red square, the second one will fill the red square completely but with overlap. You can drag the picture with your mouse (not on all browsers) you can zoom in and out and use "small zoom" for details with small steps.

Everything that is not covered within the red square will have a black background. There are some limitations, you can only upload .JPG files and the maximum allowed size of the image should not be bigger then 3 megabytes. Okay let's go!

Step 1 select your photo:

Step 2 upload your photo:

Step 3 proceed when ready: