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Send an Christmas E-Card with your own picture from the internet

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Send your own Personal E-Cards
Step 1)Search for your Christmas picture on the internet:
E-Cards with your own picture from the internet

To create your own E-Card with an animation or picture from the internet, you just paste the link from the picture in the URL field below.

This link should be an internet address that starts with 'HTTP://' it can't be a local file from your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone. If you want to use a photo or picture from your PC, Table or Phone use the Photo Uploader (click on back).
E-Cards with your own picture
mini preview
If you have your Photos on Facebook, MSN, Hyves, Tagged or any other Social network make sure that the photo is accessible to everyone. You don't want to send an image that can only be seen by yourself.

1. Type or paste the link to the image in the URL field or click on the demos to see how it works
2. Click on "Autosize Image" if everything goes well you will see a preview above
3. Click on "Preview Autosize" when enabled you will see the photo in resized as it will placed on the E-Card
4. Proceed with "Next step Mail"
URL:  Erase the URL and reset
Undo Erase
Short help and support
Warning! if you type the url it can be case sensitive!
Factor: Original: width: height: pixels.

Procentual: New: width: height: pixels.

The AutoSizer will reduce or enlarge the size of the image to fit on the e-card.
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